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All four English clubs reached the knockout stage of the Champions League: although Chelsea were beaten in France and it took Arsenal longer than it should have done to put their game against Partizan Belgrade to bed, they join Manchester United and Spurs in the draw for the ’round of sixteen’ (the eighth finals in old money) which takes place on Friday 17th at 11:00am GMT.

Joining them will be some familiar names: both Milan clubs and Roma from Italy, Barcelona, Valencia and Real Madrid from Spain, Germany’s Bayern Munich and Schalke 04 plus Les Olympiques (Marseille and Lyon) from France. Last – and by no means least – Shaktyar Donetsk (Ukraine) and FC Copenhagen (Denmark) will be joining the teams from the traditional European powerhouses. FC Copenhagen deserve a special mention as they’re the first Danish club to reach this stage.

That’s the easy bit. The arrangements for the draw are less straightforward: our clubs can’t play each other or teams from their group in the next round, so the list of potential opponents looks like this:

Spurs – Lyon, Valencia, Copenhagen, Roma, Marseille or Milan

Manchester United – Inter Milan, Lyon, Copenhagen, Roma, Marseille or Milan

Chelsea – Inter Milan, Lyon, Valencia, Copenhagen, Roma or Milan

Arsenal – Schalke, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid.

No disrespect to either club intended, but given their current position in the Bundesliga, Arsenal are probably hoping that they’re drawn with Schalke. Similar kind of situation with FC Copenhagen – having come second in Barcelona’s group, all eight teams they could face in the next round have won silverware in European competitions.

All the clubs from the Netherlands, Portugal and Russia have now been eliminated from the Champions League, although they’ll be taking part in the next stage of the Europa League.

So just to recap, Premiership 4, Russian Premier League 0.

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