Does England Beckon For Redknapp?

Spurs’ performance in the Champions League so far has been impressive, adding further evidence to the argument that Harry Redknapp should be the next England manager. Guest blogger Thomas Rooney takes a closer look at the situation.

The England job has reared its head again in Harry Redknapp’s world this week after the FA’s general secretary Alex Horne revealed that the Spurs boss was on their list of potential managers to succeed Fabio Capello, albeit a “long list”. The Italian boss is due to step down from his position as England boss when his contract comes to an end in 18 months time and there have been plenty of football bets placed on Redknapp replacing him.

Since Capello announced his plans to leave the position, Redknapp has been the name that gets keeps getting brought up and the next year and a half that will only increase. Redknapp himself has admitted that he would be up to the job despite his age not being on his side.

Harry will be 65 by the time Capello steps down but he is convinced his age wouldn’t be an issue when asked about the job.

“It’s not an easy job, but in football now the more experienced managers are still in big positions,” he said.

Peter Crouch has this week made his feelings on the matter quite clear, insisting the Spurs manager would one day become the national boss.

The England striker said: “It’s inevitable. He’s been fantastic at Tottenham ever since he came in. It’s only a matter of time, with him being English as well, that England come knocking on the door.”

Everything points to Redknapp being the odds on favourite for the job but he has been clear that he has never been contacted by the FA regarding the job. The main decision makers have long been conscious of Harry’s reported shady financial past and that may have been a reason for them to have overlooked him in the past. They can’t avoid him now though.

Despite what some say about the England job the fact remains that it is a part-time gig. Rather that Harry being too old for the England job, he is probably the perfect age for international management and the rumour mill suggests he’ll be on his way to FA headquarters sooner or later.

The biggest factor on Harry’s side though, is his ability to motivate a squad better than most. With the talent at England’s disposal the biggest job is to get them in the right frame of mind to start competing in the major tournaments.

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