3 thoughts on “Germany 4, England 1

  1. What a dismal bunch England are. Its so humiliating. Yes Germany played their hearts out. They did in the first half have 12 men on their side.
    Why oh why have we got a foreigner running our side for goodness sake?? Beckham, Beckham, Beckham. He would lift the England sides moral and England supporters as well.

    so humiliating.

  2. A lot to moan about today as England fans. The poor eyesight of the linesman, The poor tactics and substitutions from Capello, the poor performances from some of our players.

    We won’t win anything with Capello in charge. He wants our players to play football the way he likes to play and not in the way that suits the players. He needs to find a balance between both of these to get the best out of our players. Rooney, Lampard and Gerrard played the whole tournament in roles they don’t play for their clubs, or haven’t played for their clubs for at least a season in Rooney’s case.


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